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Identifying Asbestos Flooring

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  You have most likely heard that asbestos is highly toxic and dangerous. It was a common building material utilized for adding strength and heat resistance to various items. When disturbed, toxic dust becomes airborne which can be disastrous and eventually lethal to those who are exposed. The industry tried to keep the risks under…

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C4U Inspections: Our Kelowna Home Inspections Team is Growing!

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The title says it all. Our experienced and certified Kelowna home inspections team is growing and we couldn’t be happier! That being said, we are excited to welcome our newest team member, Vin McConnachie! As you know, we pride ourselves on our detailed and honest assessments (both commercial and residential), professionalism, years of experience, knowledge,…

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Ghosting: How it Can Darken Your Ceiling

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What is Brownian Motion? To understand how ghosting occurs, we must understand what causes the accumulation of particles in concentrated areas. The oldest known deposition mechanism will be described first - Brownian motion. A long dead English botanist (yes, botanist not physicist), R. Brown, noticed tiny particles behave much like molecules with respect to vibration.…

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Strata Council Duties to Strata Property Owners

Contingency Reserve Funds and Special Levies 1. What is the Contingency Reserve Fund? Strata corporations must have a contingency reserve fund (“CRF”) to pay for common expenses that usually occur less often than once a year; or do not usually occur. The contributions from strata owners to the CRF should be included in every budget approved at…