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Importance of Asbestos Detection

It is important for you to know the dangers that may come with buying a new place in Kelowna, BC, or anywhere else. Aside from mold and termites, one of the problems that can affect your health and wellbeing is asbestos. Asbestos a building material that was used in the past for constructions. In our modern days, asbestos is banned, but in the old times it was one of the most used building materials, especially before 1990. You can prevent having to deal with asbestos related problems by resorting to a Kelowna asbestos inspection for the property you intend to purchase.

Any building that was built before 1990 can have asbestos in its composition.

How does Asbestos Affect You?

Asbestos is a material that was used to insulate against heat and noise because it contains a high mineral fiber material that is also fire resistant. It was also used for fire protection in buildings that posed such dangers. The asbestos fibers, under the microscope, look like needles. And because the needles are very tiny, they can enter the air and be inhaled, getting stuck in your lungs or entering the blood stream. Then it is just a matter of time until that needle gets stuck in your organism, infecting the cells around it.

Asbestos can even cause extreme health problems, such as cancer. It is especially dangerous if the asbestos-containing materials are moved or crumbled. This causes the asbestos fibers to wander around in the air, searching for their target. Problems like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer are just a few of the dangerous diseases resulted from the presence of this material. It is especially hazardous to young children and elderly people, who have a weak immune system, but it can affect anyone.

Asbestos Inspections

If you think there is a possibility that your house/building fits that description, contact one of our trained professionals. It is impossible to determine by yourself if your home has asbestos, and if you wait until you develop symptoms, it can be too late. Our inspector will carefully inspect your house for asbestos that can be found in the insulation, cement, plaster or in the ceiling.

Hire a Home Inspector

Contacting a professional for a Kelowna asbestos inspection is crucial if you are concerned about an older home. You need to hire a specialist to ensure that your property or the property you want to purchase is safe from asbestos. Lloyd Kenzle is one of those specialists. He is a certified residential inspector that will check every corner of your property to make sure you and your family are safe.

Contact Lloyd and let him offer you the peace of mind you need or to help you prevent severe health problems.

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“Today I made a phone call to Loyd with my concerns about possible mold in my apartment, feeling that my health may be at risk. Loyd was able to answer my call promptly and able to answer all of my questions and offer affordable solutions to my concerns. Thank you for the knowledge you have shared Loyd and for the help & direction you gave to me today. Greatly appreciated!”

~ Sincerely, Debra C. of Vernon BC