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Importance of Radon Detection

Health Canada released a report in 2012, stating that more than 6.9 percent of Canadians are exposed to radon above the safe limit in their own homes (the guideline is 200 becquerels per cubic metre). The data shows results of 14.000 radon tests across Canada and Kelowna, attracting attention towards a serious health issue. Having a home radon test is crucial if you want to prevent devastating health problems.

The number of deaths each year caused by Radon gas is more than 3,000 and increasing each year.

What is Radon Gas

Radon gas is colourless, odourless and, worst of all, it is radioactive. It is released from the breakdown of uranium that happens naturally in the soil, rock, and groundwater. When released, this gas is diluted with air and it is almost harmless. Unfortunately, radon gas can build up inside buildings and at that moment it becomes a real health hazard. It can enter your home through cracks in the foundation, through pipes and windows. That is why radon gas is the second cause of pulmonary carcinoma (lung cancer) in Canada, after smoking. Only with thorough tests you can determine if the radon levels in your home pose a risk to your and your family’s health. And don’t think that if your neighbour has done the test already and the results were negative, it automatically means this is the case for your home too. The radon levels can vary from house to house. That is why Health Canada recommends all people to test their homes for radon gas.

The risk of developing cancer depends on the concentration of the radon with air and the length of the exposure. Studies done by the Health Canada show that even low levels can affect you. People who smoke are at an even higher risk because the tobacco smoke and radon have a synergistic relationship.

Radon Inspection and Testing

A Kelowna authority on radon gas detection, Llyod Kenzle, is able to save your life and protect your family’s health. Radon can be measured with a long term test that can last for up to three months or with short-term tests that last between 2 and 7 days. The longer measurement can provide an accurate result of radon levels in your house, but it is best first to do a short-term test to see if you need to do the longer one. Small wall-detectors can be used to conduct short-term tests. Unfortunately, the radon levels can vary in a 24-hour period and that is why the short test are not so exact.

Hire a Kelowna Home Inspector

Lloyd Kenzle is able to inspect your home and check the radon levels. He has certified accreditations and can also offer you decontamination solutions after the radon assessment is complete. Contact him for more information and schedule your appointment as soon as possible. Abnormal Radon gas levels represent a severe, time-sensible issue.

Contact Lloyd for more information and schedule your Kelowna Radon detection testing as soon as possible.

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