The purpose of an indoor mold test is to help:

  • Prevent the introduction of mold into your home
  • Detect the location of mold growth, should it already exist
  • Determine the sources of the mold

What Can a Mold Test Find?
A Mold Test will find mold growths on surface areas of your home (bathrooms, carpets, basements, attics, ceilings), in settled dust, and in the air that you breathe.

Usually caused by moisture and humidity, a Professional Mold Test can find the following:

  • The types of mold that may be present in your home (there are approximately 150 different types of known house mold)
  • If the mold is of the toxic (mycotoxins) or non toxic kind
  • Determine if your indoor environment is safe
  • Decide how to correct a mold problem
  • Help to make a party respond to the problem (i.e. Insurance, Tenant, Landlord)

Invisible to the naked eye, toxic mold can’t be identified with a photograph, since most molds look alike.
Do It Yourself Mold Test Kits vs. Certified Mold Testing
There are 2 routes you can take when testing for mold; namely, Do-It-Yourself Mold Test Kits or hiring a Professional Mold Testing Company.

  • Do it Yourself Mold Kits – Are bought off the shelf and are inexpensive. Most claim quick results and peace of mind, but often provide inaccurate amounts of mold, should it exist. Directions must be followed exactly to get meaningful results, and they are rarely able to determine the difference between toxic and non toxic molds.
  • Professional Mold Testing – Is provided by a certified mold expert using top of the line equipment for visual, surface and air testing and sampling. Samples are sent to an accredited laboratory for incubation and analysis. Upon receiving results, you are presented with a mold report detailing mold levels in your home (elevated or normal); type of mold present (toxic vs. non toxic); cause of the mold; corrective measures and methods of preventing future mold from re-occurring

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