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Air Sampling For Mold Inspections

Mold spores can seriously damage your health! Make sure your home is safe and habitable with a comprehensive mold inspection from c4u Inspections Ltd.

Concerned about Mold?

We have worked in the Okanagan Valley for over 15 years. As Kelowna’s local experts, we understand exactly the kinds of mold that can grow in basements, bathrooms and everywhere in between here in our Valley. We also recognize how important it is to have a quality mold assessment for your home and commercial property so you, your family and your customers can stay safe.

What is mold?

Biological contaminants like mold are essentially ‘living things’. Molds are fungi and can be found both outdoors and indoors. They spread through releasing tiny spores in the air that can be inhaled by unsuspecting members of your household. Mold is often hard to see and comes in a variety of colours and types. While it can seem like a common and minor issue, certain types of mold can greatly affect your health and lead to physical reactions like skin irritation, sinus issues, or more serious ailments including lung infections and high fevers.

“We use air sampling as our noninvasive method for determining the presence of mold in your property. We want to know the kind of mold & the quantity to enable you to make informed decisions as to how to proceed without opening up walls.” - Vin

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Why book a mold inspection?

Mold can be difficult to detect and has serious potential for damage to your home and health. Getting a thorough mold inspection will not only give you peace of mind, but also ensure that your home is safe for the future.

You want to know the quality of your home or commercial property, especially with invisible or hard-to-spot issues. Mold can grow in many areas of your property, and can go untreated for years if residents aren’t aware of it. Don’t be caught unawares, or compromise your money and health. Booking a comprehensive mold assessment with c4u Inspections Ltd. will help you learn exactly what is inside of your home or commercial property.

We are professionals when it comes to mold detection and we are happy to provide expert service no matter the size of building! Our knowledge and expert identification of mold and mold spores will ensure you know exactly how safe your home is. We comb through your property from your basement all the way up to your attic and roof to ensure your living conditions are safe and habitable.
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