Marijuana Grow-Op and Drug House Testing Services

Unwary real estate buyers need to be forewarned of former marijuana grow operations when buying a resale home. Former Marijuana grow-operation properties pose serious health risks to unwary home buyers, owners and occupants; especially infants and the elderly.

Once thought to be exclusive to low income housing, grow-ops now exist in most neighborhoods, regardless of location or value, including:

Marijuana Grow Operations on the Rise—Grow ops are thriving in the Okanagan.
As Monty Kwinter (former Ontario Minister of Community and Corrections Services) pointed out in a 2004 special report, "Indoor marijuana grow ops in Ontario are a billion-dollar-a-year business, one that fuels the trafficking of guns and hard drugs while threatening the health and safety of our communities."
Health Hazards Posed by Former Grow Ops and Drug Houses
Former drug houses and Marijuana grow-ops pose serious health risks to residents living in them. Some of the more common health risks include:

The problem is almost impossible to detect, as the lay person cannot tell a drug house by appearances alone. There are even cases of speculators purchasing a former 'drug house' at a significant discount, re-selling it at a premium, and not disclosing its former use to the new owner.

For those former Grow operations that were discovered by authorities, there will be a public record. If the Grow Op was never discovered, a record will not exist. Checking with the municipality will let you know if it was ever used as an illegal drug facility. In many cases, this is required before Banks and Insurance Companies will lend money or insure the home.
Indoor Environmental Assessments & Testing
Indoor environmental assessments and testing helps detect former Grow Ops.

Before buying your home, or if you suspect it has been used as a 'drug house', consider hiring a professional indoor environmental assessment & testing company to do a mold, yeast, bacteria - and other toxic substances - inspection. These contaminates are often associated with grow ops and meth labs and are health risks.

As Indoor Environmental Assessment & Testing Specialists, you should know that it is 'home buyer beware', and that testing for former Marijuana Grow-Op activity has never been more important.

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