More and more realtors are recognizing the importance of having their client’s home inspected BEFORE it’s listed.

In many cases, a C4U inspection will give the seller a clear marketing advantage: the ability to declare the house “pre-inspected” and know in advance what problems (if any) should be addressed before the home goes on the market.

A pre-listing inspection pays for itself – even if the seller decides not to make repairs. Knowing problems in advance allows the seller to disclose them before negotiations begins and creates an atmosphere of mutual trust. In some cases, the seller may want to provide buyers with an estimate of what repairs would cost.

A C4U Pre-Listing Inspection will:

  • Help sellers see their home and its value more realistically
  • Provide sellers with a clear list of repairs that could increase the value of their home
  • Provide potential buyers with the information they need to evaluate a home effectively
  • Enhance your credibility and that of the seller
  • Reduce last minute surprises that could kill or delay the deal
  • Reduce the chance a legal issue will arise after closing
  • Reduce listing time for a faster sale
  • Provide buyers with the confidence needed to make an offer
  • Keep buyers emotionally attached to the house. How often is a “sure sale” derailed by an inspection that reveals defects in what seemed like “the perfect” house
  • Make your job as a realtor that much easier.

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