Rave Reviews for C4U's Lloyd Kenzle

Agnes O’Connell knew she had to hire a property inspector and was anything but thrilled.

The last inspection had been a joke and O’Connell was skeptical this one would be any different.

“The first inspector we got whizzed through, gave me a fancy big book, charged me about $600 and left,” she said. “After I moved in I discovered half of my electrical outlets didn’t work, the roof leaked, and various other things were broken.”

The inspector said the dishwasher was broken but it was simply unplugged.

“I tried phoning the guy to complain but I never got a reply so I just wrote it off as a bad experience,” she said.

Fast forward to 2012, when the sale of O’Connell’s home hinges on a comprehensive inspection by C4U Inspection’s Lloyd Kenzle.

“I’m thinking of my God, here we go again, but Lloyd was totally professional and I was more than pleased with his work,” she said. “He didn’t provide me with a big book but he didn’t need to.”

The C4U inspection revealed faulty wiring and a foundation held up by two bolts, however the sale went through.

“I took care of the rewiring and the buyer said he’d fix the foundation,” O’Connell said.

Realtor Brent Couves has also hired C4U and has nothing but good things to say about Kenzle.

“He is a personable guy who certainly knows his stuff and is good at explaining things to clients in layman’s terms.”

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