Transform Your Property into a Home People Will Buy

If you are not sure if you need a professional home inspection before you sell your home then Kelowna Home Inspector Lloyd Kenzle recommends you follow this advice.

People don’t buy houses. They buy homes. That’s why it’s so important sellers make theirs a ‘home’ potential buyers can see themselves living comfortably in. Here’s some simple ways buyers can increase chances of a speedy sale.

Start by walking through your home to scrutinize every room from a buyer’s perspective. Carry a notebook and record anything that needs to be fixed or updated.

Repair, improvement and decorate
• Repair cracks, holes, and chipped paint
• Tighten anything that jiggles including loose knobs, towel racks, switch plates, and outlet covers
• Fix tight doors and windows, squeaky floorboards, and loose banisters and handrails
• Repair caulking, clean around tubs and sinks, and fix leaky faucets. Remove water stains.
• Paint walls with light, neutral colours
• Repair cracks, holes, and chipped paint

Clean, organize, and furnish
• Wash everything and anything from floors to walls, windows, ceilings, trim, and blinds
• Steam-clean your drapes and shampoo carpets, especially if you have pets
• Scrub kitchen and bathroom tiles
• Make sure all appliances and countertops are cleared and spotless
• Throw out or give away anything you don’t need
• Tidy up cabinets and closets and neatly store toys, books, and knick-knacks. Consider renting offsite offsite storage temporarily to store items that will clutter your home
• Make sure there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place. That’s means
cleaning and organizing the basement, attic, garage, and shed
• Pull up old carpets and remove area rugs covering hardwood floors
• Remove personal items on display
• Remove items you're taking to your future home, like chandeliers and mirrors (no sense having potential homeowners fall in love with something they can’t have)
• Furnish empty rooms

Increase your home’s curb appeal

• Make yours the best kept on the street. That means sprucing up the lawn, porch, and entryway.
Consider planting flowers, patching dead lawn, trimming shrubs, and removing yard debris
• Paint doors, shutters, fences, and siding
• Fix or replace broken windowpanes and torn screens
• Fix damaged roof shingles
• Clean gutters and downspouts
• Wash the driveway, sidewalk, and patch any cracks or holes
• Make sure the outside lights and doorbell work and that your house number can be seen from the road

Remember a Home Inspection can show you what to do to ensure a smoother transaction and a quicker sale of your property. Book your home inspection today.

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