Home Inspections Can Prevent Water Damage

Home Inspections can save money and headaches

One of the wisest moves a homeowner can make is to safeguard their home against preventable incidents that cause extensive – and expensive damage.
It is always better to err on the safe side, and a few simple precautions around the home can save headaches, heartaches and costly repairs. Here are some easy fixes you can do to minimize the occurrence and water damage.

Fit water alarms. They work like smoke detectors but warn of leaks from toilets, water heaters, overflowing baths and sinks. Simply place near any water source and a high pitched alarm alerts you to water leaks. From as little as $15 a unit.

Install stainless-steel braided hoses where possible, they are only about $20 and less likely to deteriorate than plastic hoses. Dishwasher and washing machine hoses should be inspected and replaced every 3-5 years.

Use a rain barrel. It keeps rainwater out of overloaded storm sewer infrastructures and provides you with water for your garden. Check if your municipality has a program that offers subsidies for a rain barrel purchase.

Bathroom caulking prevents leaks around fixtures, and must be checked regularly. Caulking costs less than $5 and is an easy D-I-Y project that can prevent costly repairs to surrounding walls and cabinets.

Connect an eavestrough downspout extension. Extend it at least 6 feet from foundation walls to prevent water from draining into your basement, and direct it towards the street. Downspout extensions cost around $15.

So if you have any doubts home inspections can be the answer. 

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