Weatherization Tips

How Air Tight Is Your Home?

If you want to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you need to reduce your air infiltration. Your energy bill could be much higher than necessary if your house is too drafty. We can find out exactly where their air leaks are located and take the necessary steps to correct the problem areas before the winter winds begin to blow and your heating bills go up.

When you learn where the leaks are located, you can add insulation, caulking, etc. to keep out the winter chill and save money on your heating bills. The results will also save you money on your air-conditioning bill in the summer time.

Anyone can afford to cut their home heating and energy costs.


Level I - Weatherization

Our first level of service includes all the basics that everyone should do, including:

Level II - Energy Optimization

Our second level of service provides even greater energy savings and includes:

Level III - Energy Independence

This level of service provides the ultimate degree of energy savings and includes:

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