Basic Tools for Home Maintenance all Home Owners Need

We encourage everyone who owns a home to keep it well maintained and get to know more about home inspection services. That means you need to have the basic tools for home maintenance.
C4U inspections is about investing in your property to increase the value of your property. We have many clients who have joined our maintenance schedule and sold their property at higher than market value in their region. Having the basic tools for home maintenance is the first place someone should start.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance
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We have created a list of the basic tools for home maintenance you should have around the home for all basic home maintenance maintenance tasks:

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #1 Adjustable Wrench Set
A combination wrench set is a small set of wrenches that let you tackle all kinds of nuts and bolts without having to have a specific spanner to suit. They are very good for dealing with old and worn bolts.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #2.  Caulking Gun
A caulking gun can be used to apply a number of fillers. For example, specific fillers can be used when you inspect your roof to fill any tiny holes, especially around external heating exhausts. Other fillers can be used to fill gaps between windows and walls increasing the seal on your home. Obviously this will reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #3. Toilet & Sink Plunger
Clogged toilets and sinks will build up grime that can lead to serious damage to your piping. At the slightest sign of blockage, use your plunger and ensure your pipes are clean. Regularly use drain cleaning fluids and powders to further ensure your pipes are clean. Remember those blockages can slip further down your piping under your home and out onto you property. Repair at a later date will be very expensive.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #4. Pliers
There are multiple tasks where slip-joint pliers will come in handy. Old nuts, bots and especially screws can be difficult to adjust. The best option before drilling them out is to have a go at them with slip-joint pliers.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - 5. Drill and Drill Bits
A drill is one of the most essential tools to have around the home. The uses are almost unlimited. They can be used to set holes for self-tapping screws, drilling out rusted screws and blots. Rechargeable brand names like Black and Decker are highly recommended. Brand names count when you buy a drill. Rechargeable drills save you the trouble of needing extension cord after extension cord to get where you want.


Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #6. Rechargeable Flashlight
There is nothing more important for use around the home than a good flashlight. Today LED flash lights are very cheap and batteries last for hours. You can choose rechargeable batteries to further savings. LED flashlights last for many more hours than traditional flashlights and LED technology has improved so that they now deliver more light than traditional flashlight -- and they are much cheaper and the globe never needs changing.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #7. Reliable Tape Measure
A reliable tape measure is always needed around the home. We suggest you get one for a real handy man to use. They are come with a flexible tape and are easy to rewind.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #8. Standard Hacksaw with Extra Blads
A hacksaw is useful for cutting metal objects, such as pipes, bolts and brackets. It is useless if you blade breaks. Make sure you have extras.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #9. Safety Goggles
If you have ever had an operation on your eye or lost the sight of one of your eyes, you will know the importance of safety goggles. The are priceless. You should be using them on just about every job you tackle.

Basic Tools for Home Maintenance - #10. Others
You should also have the following because they come in so handy:

  • A claw hammer
  • A good screwdriver set
  • Strong wire cutters
  • Duct tape and other types for different uses you will find at your handy man store!
  • A sturdy spirit level

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