Bathroom Care Tips to Greatly Reduce Repair Bills

Bathrooms can easily sneak up on you the home owner. Regular maintenance will help to greatly reduce home repair costs.

In this article we take a look at the shower and faucets. If it they could talk they would like to tell you the following...

Some faucets are better than others.
Smaller shower heads reduce water flow and save on your water bill. Choosing the right materials is important because you are still going to need to maintain them. Choose chrome or shiny nickel finishes. These two materials are more resistant to deposits than other materials.

Low water flow?
Before you start tearing up your pipes and looking at replacing your hot water system, it is a good idea to look at your shower head. You may only have a blocked shower faucet!

Be soft on your grout.
Cleaning grout is important for the fight against dirt and mold. However, abrasive cleaners can actually contribute to damage. Abrasive cleaners can actually eat away at grout causing big repair bills. Consider using a scrub tile or soft nylon brush with non-abrasive cleaners.

Easy on the drain cleaner.
Drain cleaners are necessary some times but repeated use will actually erode your pipes. Damaged pipes will lead to massive repair bills. Most bathroom blocked pipes are caused by hair. Consider using a barbed plastic pull to pull out hair instead of going straight for the drain cleaner. Manage hair going down the drain on a daily basis.

Don't pretend drips don't exist.
Dripping shower faucets and taps will add a huge amount of water consumption to your bill. Leaky taps and shower heads should be fixed immediately. If you catch dripping taps in early stages it will be as easy as swapping the rubber washer.

Protect your tiles and bathroom each day!
Shower and bathroom water will leave behind mineral deposits which make cleaning harder and erode tiles and grout. Think about using a squeegee to wipe extra water down the drain after the last shower for the morning and night!

Reduce mould with these 3 hints!

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