Easy Spring Home Maintenance Jobs to do Right Now!

Now that we are moving into spring, it is time to check your home after that long dark winter.
Getting straight onto home maintenance is essential right after winter.

Winter is the time where a lot of damage can start on your home. It is time to check the basics of your home before that damage becomes a costly repair.

Llyod Kenzle, chief inspector at C4U Inspections, shares this simple checklist for the beginning of spring. Naturally enough, this list is only a basic check of your home. C4U Inspections highly recommends our professional maintenance schedule to check your home on a regular basis.

This is what you should do right away now that we are done with winter.
Check gutters and drainage.
Check downspouts and make sure they drain away from your home.
Clear your foundations and check for low spots.
Fill low spots around your foundations.
Check low areas in your yard and fill.

Check around the doors and window for leaks with a screw driver or knife.

Rooves need to be checked.

Check concrete.

Remove firewood or other fuel sources.

Check outdoor taps and piping.

Clean up your air conditioning.

Tidy up your gardening equipment.

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If you just want to ask our chief inspector, Lloyde Kenzle, a question on anything to do with home maintenance and home inspections, he is more than happy to oblige. It is very hard to set a fixed price for home inspections and home maintenance programs. However, we do our best to provide a reliable quote online. The more information you provide helps us with an accurate quote. 

If you have images, photos and other bulky documents, please upload them to Google Documents or DropBox and share the link in the details box below. No question is too small or silly to ask. Lloyd spends a couple of hours at his desk each afternoon after managing the days projects and will reply to you as soon as possible.

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