Should Home Maintenance Contractor Clean up Afterwards?

We all know the importance of home maintenance.

At C4U Inspections we think it is more important than simple inspections for home owners that really want to save money, and in our case, that means adding more value to your home.

Maintenance is work done to prevent damage. Inspections are designed to evaluate the current condition of your home. Our home maintenance schedule is a an ongoing home maintenance schedule that allows you to keep a certified and digitally organised logon to our system, which you can add as asset to your home.
Home Maintenance Cleaning Up
When it comes to the issue of cleaning up after a home maintenance contractor has worked on your, it is an industry standard to do so. It is certainly the case at C4U Inspections. We always clean up around when we complete our home maintenance schedule or any other home maintenance project.

However, this is not the case with all home maintenance trade services contractors. 

You should clarify this with your tradesman before the project begins. Those who will avoid it will be those who don't mention it in the first place.

Do not be afraid to ask a tradesman to clean up after work is complete because it is an industry standard. Remind them that if they still will not do as you ask. Cleaning up afterwards should not be charged for unless the project has been a major job. Cleaning up is another one of the advantages of hiring maintenance tradesmen to do the job. The whole idea is that you do not have to do anything.

In the case where you home maintenance is a big project, something more akin to a renovation, you will be throwing out large pieces of material. In this case, you should know that you are the one to pay for the clean-up. You might find you can earn a little money if you take the material to a recycling centre or a yard that trades in used materials.

C4U Home Inspections have a reputation to maintain. We provide the highest quality home inspections and home maintenance services as a complete package. Cleaning up is not an issue for us.

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If you just want to ask our chief inspector, Lloyde Kenzle, a question on anything to do with home maintenance and home inspections, he is more than happy to oblige. It is very hard to set a fixed price for home inspections and home maintenance programs. However, we do our best to provide a reliable quote online. The more information you provide helps us with an accurate quote. 

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