Quick and Easy Home Maintenance Habits for Home Owners

Home maintenance will save you loads of money in the long run. In fact, the majority of home maintenance doesn't cost a lot to do.

Home maintenance is more about the effort. In this article we take a look at some of the easiest, and yet, most important home maintenance all home owners should get into the habit of doing.

Garage door opener check.

A garage door that doesn't return when touching an obstruction is extremely dangerous. If you have any form of automated garage door, it is essential to confirm its working order on a monthly basis. Finding the problem before something dangerous happens will do more than save you money.

Clothes dryer clean up.

Simply vacuuming a clothes dryer's exhaust duct on a regular basis will keep your clothes dryer functioning more efficiently and keep your machine safer. If you find the duct has plastic parts, it is better to replace with steel.

Furnace filters replacement.

Replacing furnace filters is another method to get maximum efficiency out of a device. Follow the manufacturer's guide.

Check your electricity circuit interrupter.

Your home should have a test button. You can use a simple voltage tester on your outlets to ensure the power actually goes off. Electrocutions are a big danger around the home. Modern technology allows us to prevent them. Checking your interrupter is crucial.

Cleaning central air conditioning.

Leaves and other debris will harm the efficiency and damage your air conditioning over time. Air conditioning should be check and cleaned seasonally.

Cleaning refrigerator and freezer coils.

Dust build up will damage the efficiency and lifespan of a refrigerator or freezer. You can keep your appliances working better for longer with a simple regular vacuum.

Check your doors and windows.

Caulking doors and windows is very inexpensive. Again it is more about the effort than the cost. However, keeping all seals tight will greatly reduce your home heating and cooling costs.

Check and replace smoke alarm batteries.

Smoke alarms are only as good as the batteries that power them. Smoke detectors should be checked at least once a year. Replace batteries on a regular basis. Even rotating batteries will make them last a lot longer.

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