Reduce Kitchen Maintenance and Repairs with these Cleaning Tips

Half of home and kitchen maintenance is all about keeping things clean.

Dirt and grime damage any surface they are on - the first rule to home, and in this case, daily kitchen maintenance.

Kitchen Knives

If you are not one for cleaning the kitchen, then this article is for you. You can reduce the amount of home cleaning with these handy hints. A clean kitchen will need less repairs. Each time you clean your kitchen you are actually saving money down the road. Daily cleaning is daily kitchen maintenance.

These tips will help you keep your kitchen cleaner while reducing the amount of cleaning work you actually have to do.

1. Keep your dishwasher and sink empty.

This is another job you should just get into the habit of doing each time you cook. Put those dishes away after you wash.

2. Clean as you go.

Cleaning as you go when cooking gives you something positive to do while you are cooking. It also means you don't have a load of dishes to clean after your meal.

3. Clean your sink after washing the dishes.

Cleaning your sink will mean it will last longer. Warm soap rids your sink of left over minerals that can damage around the drain.

4. Use a sink or drain hole catch.

A drain catch will stop big lumps of gunk getting down your drain. Don't wash foodstuffs down your sink. You are only asking for pipe blockages and damage down the road. A drain hole catch will catch the rubbish.

5. Clean and check your cookware monthly.

Most pots and pans can last a really long time as long as you maintain them. Tighten screws on handles. Brush of excessive burnt materials. Clean cooking utensils and sharpen knives before they get excessively blunt.

6. Oil cutting boards.

Oiled cutting boards are safer because the oil stops water from penetrating the wood. This means you reduce the chance of bacterial growth. Wooden boards won't split after being oiled.

7. Keep countertops clear.

Clear countertops are easier to clean and stay cleaner longer. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce your kitchen cleaning.

8. Develop good cooking habits.

Have you noticed that some people can cook a huge meal without using half the kitchen? This is something for everyone to think about. Minimising what you use each time you cook will ultimately result in less wear on your kitchen.

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