5 Reasons not to Skip a New Home Inspections

There are plenty of reasons not to skip a new home inspection.

There are a lot of costs associated with buying a new home and many buyers are tempted to skip the cost of a new home inspection.

New home inspections are often called "unnecessary" by home builders because they will provide you with a walk-through. But if you're building a new custom home, getting an inspection is essential.

Your $500 for a full new home inspection is an investment. You will probably find enough during that inspection to negate the cost of the inspection. 

Here are the 5 biggest reasons why you should not skip a Kelowna new home inspection:

#1. Your inspection will provide you with an out.

If you are not satisfied, you might have enough grounds to cancel the purchase of the home. This would be based on substantial and critical information.

#2. Reveal illegal building construction methods.

Your new home inspector is on your side. They provide an unbiased look. You can't believe the home builders themselves. They just want you to sign off.

#3. Safety.

You need to make sure all wiring and other typical dangers around the home don't exist.

#4. Insurance.

A full new home inspection can be used to help reduce you home insurance costs. Further home maintenance schedules and programs are another way to improve your future costs, reduce expenses and reduce your insurance.

#5. A negotiation tool.

Substantial differences between what you ordered and what you now have will come to light during a new home inspection. This can be used as a negotiation tool -- want better and new taps in the bathroom?

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