C4U Inpections Uncovers Shocking Deck Inspection Report Faults

C4U Inspections was recently called to give a second certified inspection report by clients because they were unsatisfied with their previous inspector's report on the condition of a home's outdoor decking.

Poor and dangerous deck flooring repairs (left) - Extremely dangerous
Watermarks meaning leaking roof (centre) - Indicator of problems
Watermarks around electricity outlets (right) - Seriously dangerous

Undetected faults with outdecking can lead to very serious injuries. You only have to look in the news regularly to find horror stories.

Inspector raises issues and unable to explain

Ironically, it was the first inspector who raised some issues to the attention clients about the condition of the outdoor decking, and was unable to answer whether the clients had a problem or not -- of course we wouldn't name this inspector, but it makes you wonder, what on earth is that person doing with a home inspector's license and can give out an inspection report.

C4U Inspections to the rescue

C4U's chief inspector, Lloyd Kenzle cleared up all issues regarding issues raised by the previous inspector and prepared a certified inspection report. That also makes one wonder what was the intention of the original home inspector in the first place. Suspicious?

You can't save on home maintenance, you can save with home maintenance

Lloyd stated "if the clients had a standard maintenance schedule or program in place, the damage would never have occurred." This is an excellent example of the importance of home maintenance - again. You can't save on home maintenance. You can only save on the cost repairs with home maintenance. In fact, most home maintenance is act of inspection. Detecting tiny minor problems is the goal. These can be fixed often without cost, but if left unchecked, then problem will grow into a costly, and in this case, a very dangerous one.

The first inspector failed to find the following:

This part gets really scary.

While the deck was well presented with carpeted flooring and quality outdoor furniture, Lloyd noticed moisture staining under the deck at several location at the over hang and in the garage -- a sign of a bigger problem to come.

In summary:

So again, C4U Inspections has an extensive and cost saving home inspection schedule for home owners to purchase on a yearly basis.

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