Home Maintenance Schedule for Easier Living

Nobody likes a list of work.

There are always reasons to put off home maintenance. Every home owner should create a home maintenance schedule. It is a way of breaking up the work you have to do over a whole year. It's all to easy to delay or find a reason to to put off home maintenance projects.

Look at these common rationalisations...

It's not really a big deal.

Well actually, it will be a big deal sooner than you think. A dripping tap can turn into a huge water bill in a very short time. A leaking hot water heater can rust and cost you thousands of dollars in the middle of winter.

I didn't know it was broken.

A lot of problems go un-noticed because home owners don't know something had a problem. Even if you think you are checking items around your home, how do you know if you have checked everything?

Home Maintenance Handyman

1. Create a home inspection checklist.

Home maintenance starts with a good home inspection. Every home needs it's own home maintenance inspection checklist. This is the list of items you should check over the course of a year. The only way you can create a home inspection checklist is to have Lloyd come and give your home a full home maintenance inspection. He will create you an official report and he'll throw in the maintenance checklist with explanations on how to do those jobs too.

2. Create an inspection and maintenance schedule.

The best way to manage your time and manage home maintenance needs is to break up the tasks you need to take care of. The home maintenance checklist Lloyd provides is actually called a home maintenance schedule. It's like a calendar of particular jobs to at what time of the year.

What will you get?

C4U Inspections will come to your home and thoroughly check your property with a professional home maintenance inspection. Within 24 hours you will be sent a full home maintenance schedule. You will know what tools to use and what you need to check and when.

Think of this?

A leaking overhang recently destroyed a home outdoor deck worth $8,000 dollars. If those home owners had invested in $250 they would have saved $7,750. And that is only one item that can be subject to damage during the course of a year.

You won't be paying for home repairs if you have a home maintenance schedule from C4U inspections.

Want to know how much a service will cost?

While it is difficult to set a fixed price for home inspections and home maintenance programs, Lloyd is very good at providing a reliable quote online -- if you can provide the information required. The more information you provide helps Lloyd with an instant and accurate quote C4U Inspections will stand by.

Generally speaking, C4U Inspections has a set minimum fee for each type of certified inspection -- with additional conditions, such as the size of the building, the age of your home, and the amount of built-in appliances, for example. Our home maintenance inspection with a tailored home maintenance schedule for your DIY maintenance is only $250.

Want to know how much home repairs will cost and how much you should be paying?

Lloyd has years of experience. If you are wondering how much repairs should cost, he's a great resource and a great way to know if you've be quoted a reasonable fee. As a licensed home inspector in BC, Lloyd must adhere to a strict code of conduct. All and any advice provided is only speculative and for information purposes only.

If you have images, photos and other bulky documents, please upload them to Google Documents or DropBox and share the link in the details box below. No question is too small or silly to ask. Lloyd spends a couple of hours at his desk each afternoon after managing the days projects and will reply to you as soon as possible.

If you just want to ask our chief inspector, Lloyde Kenzle, a question on anything to do with home maintenance, repairs and home inspections, he is more than happy to oblige.

Ask any question you want. C4U Inspections information service is free of charge and at no obligation -- in other words, you don't have to be asking about something that is directly related to us giving you a service.

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