Money Saving Home Maintenance Tools and Materials

Truly good home maintenance starts at having the tools and materials you'll need to make those little fixes that will result in big savings on home repairs down the road.

The key is to maintain your property -- and that will mean minor fixes to avoid damage to your home because of neglect. Think of your home like a car. It needs a regular tune-up, right? And tune-ups require the right tools and some materials.

The problem is those tools and bits and pieces you'll need can get expensive -- and you might not even know what home maintenance tools and materials you'll need when you are dealing with minor repairs. Yes, even minor repairs.

Big Savings

In this little bit of advice, we look at how to stretch your dollar when it comes to DIY home maintenance and the tools and materials you'll need for those early fixes. Here are some tips to get the most out of your home maintenance dollars.

1. Always get expert advice before you start any minor maintenance project.

There's probably a way you are not aware of, unless you are experienced with building and construction. The right tools and the right materials are a big part of home maintenance. You might not know the significance of what you are dealing with. Unless you are an expert, consult as many sources as you can before tackling any maintenance project.

2. Know what you can do and you can't.

Always remember there are laws and regulations governing home repairs. That includes minor maintenance. Plumbing and electricity repairs might look easy, but you'll probably need a professional. You could be working on a part of your home crucial to structural strength. You've got advice, check what you are allowed and not allowed to do on your own.

3. Look for tools at yard sales and the like.

Tools are expensive. They are a big part of even minor repairs. You will make big savings on tools when you buy them second hand. Second hand tools are often only 30% of the original cost. Keep your eye on classifieds and the like.

4. Rent expensive tools.

You can rent professional-grade tools to help some projects easier. You'll also be getting more information when you go to rent. For example, these tools are some of the ones you can consider renting rather than buying from professionals:

5. Save materials from each project.

It's surprising how much those little bits and pieces can end up costing. Keep materials from each project as you go. You never know when you will be able to save by using something you've put away from a previous project. Build up your bits and pieces.

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