Ways Unscrupulous Home Inspectors Soften Home Inspection Reports

If you are buying a home anywhere in British Columbia, chances are the current home owners will have prepared a certified home inspection report.

These types of home inspection reports are know as pre sale inspection reports. 

Not that this should stop you getting the home inspected by a licensed home inspector in British Colombia before you buy. Home inspection reports produced for the purpose of inspecting a home before you buy are known as pre purchase inspection reports.

Not everyone realises that only two provinces in Canada require home inspectors to have an official license.

As hard as it may be to believe, British Colombia and Alberta are the only two provinces that require home inspectors to have mandatory training, testing and licensing -- and it isn't easy to get the license either.

You need substantial professional experience in fields that can be applied to home and building inspection.

A 'soft' inspection report is a home inspection report that was created to meet the legal requirements of a home inspection report in British Colombia -- in other words, the home inspector did what he was required to, but little more.


Soft inspection reports can be very misleading because they could:



Detecting a soft home inspection report:

1. Beware of home inspection reports arranged by real estate agents.

This doesn't mean all real estate agents are snakes. It also doesn't mean that all real estate agent's recommendation of home inspectors aren't attempts to deceive you, but you need to take care -- seriously, buyer beware.

2. Report balancing techniques.

This is a common way to soften a home inspection report. The home inspector has added positive things about the home to impress a buyer. Some inspectors will even add one positive feature for each fault they find in the home -- seriously, buyer beware.

3. Minimising defects.

Minimising defects is a technique known well in the industry to soften home inspection reports. When a material defect is found in the home, the report will infer that the material was used at a time when regulations against it did not exist.

4. Reducing estimates of repair cost.

The condition of a home is nothing if you don't know what the cost of repair will be. Unscrupulous home inspectors will reduce estimation costs for necessary repairs. Again, and seriously, buyer beware.

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