5 Easy Ways to Cut Those Summer Cooling Bills

If you are finding your electricity bill is already on the rise this summer, you'll be surprised at how much difference you can make by the way you do thing.

As temperatures rise, and electricity bills rise to match them, we are taking a look at some very simple ways to reduce our electricity bills.

Save Electricity with Circular Fans for Cooling

Economical use of your air conditioner.

Most modern air conditioning units have a economical operating temperature. This setting will reduce your A/C's power consumption by over 30%. Not everyone is aware of how much power they can save just by setting the temperature correctly on their air conditioning unit.

Avoid the use of you air conditioning.

During the colder months, all we long for is the warmth of summer. Now it is here, everyone has their air conditioning on to reduce the temperature. The more your body is adapted to the warmer weather, the less you will feel it. If you are sitting in a cold house, you will really feel the heat when you go outside. Circular fans are a great way to allow your body to adjust to the warmer weather and reducing cost.

Maintaining your air conditioning.

Again, home maintenance will save you money when it comes to your air conditioning. Dirty AC filters block airflow and make units work harder to cool your home. Cleaning and/or replacing filters once per month will lower an AC’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%. If you have a central cooling system, be sure that floor registers aren’t blocked with dust—or furniture. A unit’s evaporator and condenser coils (located outside) should also be clear of dirt and other debris (fallen leaves, branches, grass).

Choose the times you generate heat.

Whenever the outdoor temperature exceeds the temperature inside your home, try to eschew activities that generate a lot of heat, such as cooking on the stovetop and using the dishwasher or clothes dryer. Think about how you can cook and get home chores done without generating heat. Microwaving food or grilling it outside, washing dishes by hand and letting them air-dry and hanging clothes on a clothesline.

Keep those blinds closed.

Keeping your house darker during the day will reduce the amount of heat in your home. You will save on this in the evening as outside temperatures cool. Effective blinds can reduce heat build-up inside a home by 50%. When you turn that into 50% less work by your air conditioner, then you can see a direct saving in your electricity bill.

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