Generating Home Wealth Value with Home Maintenance

Most people don't do the home maintenance inspections they should. Most people get shocked when they have expensive home repairs.

Others lose a lot of money when they sell their house because a home inspection report uncovers serious damage. I recently highlighted a case where a damaged outdoor deck cost the owners $8,000 off the price they were asking for.

Ironically, regular home maintenance inspections can be done DIY on a schedule, and don't take up much of your time over the course of a year. And your inspections will uncover problems that will lead to serious home repairs -- often in a very short time.

Going back to the case of the outdoor deck. Water was leaking from a garage overhang -- ever so slightly. That is what caused the deck to be damaged -- to the point of being in danger of collapse.

A simple home maintenance inspection could have prevented the loss of $8,000. It's lucky someone didn't break their leg or back when it collapsed -- which was imminent. I'm surprised it hadn't already happened. I'd like you to think about that.

Now you might think you'll be able to find a sample home maintenance inspection checklist online. You will. But will it apply to your home? Probably not. Just like you, every home is different.

DIY home maintenance inspections are only effective if you have had a professional and certified home maintenance inspection. That way you know the current condition of your home, and you'll know what to check for in the future.

Lloyd created a service/product that does more than that. C4U Inspections provides you with a full certified home maintenance inspection report and renewal (renewal highlights the expected lifetime of your hot water heater, or roof, for example).

Before continuing on with my introduction, click the icon below for a quick overview. Just click outside of the infographic to close it.

C4U HOME WEALTH PROGRAMS start with a 12-month home maintenance schedule for you to follow. With this, you have the tools and the certified professional guidance to DIY your home maintenance for the following year.

If anything should crop up, or you need advice, we're always here to give you advice and inspect any repairs. All of your certified home maintenance reports, repairs and replacement reports, and your DIY schedule are securely stored in your C4U HOME WEALTH LOGIN.

For $250 for all of the above, you are creating a full home maintenance and inspection history of your property over one year. Keep doing that for 7-10 years, and your home will increase in value above and beyond market value. You can expect your home's value will increase by 20% more than market prices, and your property will sell much faster.

Your C4U HOME WEALTH LOGIN is an asset in itself.

If I was buying your home, I'd want that too. The price you sell the your C4U HOME WEALTH LOGIN to the new owner of your home is completely your decision. It's yours. We just back it, certify it and stand by it. Over 10 years, I'd say it we are talking 4-5 figures, depending on the value of your home.

Considering your investment in C4U HOME WEALTH PROGRAMS would only total $2,500 over 10 years, you're looking at a tidy sum.

Here's a case study of the numbers based on you owning your home for 10 years and going to sell:

So what's the total over 10 years?

Your investment                   (-$2,500) C4U HOME WEALTH PROGRAMS

Your extra home value

Your LOGIN value                +$10,000 (minimum)

Total additional home wealth you will have built:

At least $57,500 and more likely closer to $97,500 extra cash in your hand when you sell your home based on this example of a $500,000 home. And that doesn't include the cost of home repairs you avoided because of thorough home maintenance all year round. And your home maintenance history is certified in British Colombia.

And your home will sell fast.

I'm Lloyd Kenzle, chief inspector at C4U Home Inspections. I'd seriously like you to consider what I'm telling you here. Our certified home maintenance inspection is worth more than $250. You just can't lose. You don't have to be rich to be involved in home wealth generation. It's for everyone.

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