Marijuana Grow Operations and Mold Damage: PHOTOS

A Calgary home owner is suing the tenants of his home

for more than $105,000 after the home was raided by police and found to be a marijuana grow operation, according to CBCNews.

The owner has stated the courts only required those charged to pay back a small fraction of the damage caused by the marijuana grow operation. A total of 200 pots growing marijuana were removed from the building.

This is a small case, said C4U Inspections chief inspector, Lloyd Kenzle.

Marijuana grow operations cause thousands of dollars of damage to many homes across this region every year.

In fact, C4U Inspections was recently called to inspect the damage and help with the clean up of a very expensive property in the Okanagan Valley that was all but destroyed because of a major marijuana grow operation.

Take a look at this set of images we have prepared. This is how the landlord found his million dollar property after a marijuana grow operation. These professionals decided to make major renovations to this rented property for their professional marijuana grow operations. Obviously, this home was destroyed beyond repair.

In actual fact, this is the case of obvious damage caused by a marijuana grow operation. Smaller marijuana grow operations can still cause a massive amount of damage, says Lloyd.

Landlords might not even be aware of the damage caused their home. In most cases, marijuana grow operations lead to massive mould damage. A home can be completely infested with mould. A clean up of the walls and ceilings can cover up this damage. But in actual fact, mould is still growing inside the walls and throughout the structure. It could take months until the mould resurfaces to where it is visible.

If you are buying a property, home inspections are absolutely necessary. If you suspect a home has been subject to a marijuana grow operation, having it expertly inspected for mould is the only option. Home's infested with mould are a serious problem and in many cases they need to be destroyed.

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