Your Home is Your Best Investment

As long as you look after it..

The idea of "home, sweet home," is generally the same as it used to be.

Surveys prove it...

A recent survey of home owners by shows that mroe than 90% of homeowners have absolutely no regrets about the purchase of their current home. The survey shows that the majority of those home owners like the homes they live in, even if they didn't get the best deal on mortgage rates or they have not seen the significant increases that other areas have seen.

Another reason why homeowners are happy is because they are buying. They are making an investment in their future. Each month they make a payment, they are adding equity to their ownership.

Another survey by FannieMae also suggests that 70% percent of consumers still think that buying a home is still the best investment that someone can make.

TIP: Homeowners can make huge savings on their mortgage by making bi-weekly payments. Most homeowners are still making monthly payments.

Because there are 52 weeks in a year, and only 12 months, by making you repayments bi-weekly, you will save thousands of dollars off the total cost of your home and pay off your home loan much faster. You can use online comparison tools to see the difference.

We bet you will be surprised.

What many homeowners forget...

Home maintenance is still the best way for you to save when buying a home. Even if you managed to get the best mortgage, the fastest way to add value to your home is start by lowering how much it costs you to own. The easiest way to do that is to reduce the cost of repairs. Reducing the cost of repairs is as simple as home maintenance.

C4U Inspections has designed a simple starter DIY home maintenance package that will lead to real growth in the real value of your home. I stress real value. Prices will go up and down, but the same factors influence the selling price, whatever that may be at the time. What makes a home more valuable doesn't change, only the prices do -- that's something to think about.

It is much easier to add value to your home through proper maintenance programs. C4U Inspections specialises in home wealth programs that generate value in your home by creating a record of your home maintenance and repairs through certified inspection.

I'm Lloyd Kenzle, chief inspector at C4U Home Inspections. I'd seriously like you to consider what I'm telling you here. Our certified home maintenance inspection is worth more than $250. You just can't lose at only $250 per year for a full home maintenance inspection and tailored home maintenance schedule.  You don't have to be rich to be involved in home wealth generation. It's for everyone.

The fact remains, when your home is finally on sale, everyone will be doing everything to bring your price down. Your home wealth program and recorded home maintenance reports and inspections will definitely be on your side.

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