Roof Inspection Finds Faulty Workmanship

New roof not so properly installed.

It pays to have any work done on your home thoroughly inspected by C4U Inspections.

In this recent case, Lloyd was asked to come give a new roof installation a proper roof inspection. This customer wasn’t happy to find out that the new roof on their home wasn’t what they’d paid for. However, they were happy they called-in Lloyd.

It didn’t take long for Lloyd to uncover this newly installed roof covering had some serious problems. Take a look at the image below.

Roof Inspection Uncovers Case Study

Zone 1.

Although not limited to the selection highlighted, the problem we are looking at was extensive. The black seems should have been under the grey coloured roof covering to ensure proper sealing.

Zone 2.

Again, the section highlighted was not the only area with this second problem. What we see here is a patch of roof covering that should have been one continuous strip of covering.

Third major problem.

The roof inspection conducted by C4U Inspections also uncovered several bulges in the covering. Bulges clearly indicate there is air trapped under the covering which will lead to premature failure. coloured covering for proper sealing.

What was the result?

C4U’s customer is getting the work redone by the supplier -- at the cost of the supplier.

In summary...

The investment of a roof inspection after a new roof was installed was minor compared to the cost of the new roof, and more importantly, the damage that would have resulted if this poorly installed roof had gone undetected.

When you are paying so much for repairs on your home, it always pays to get a second opinion. That second opinion is certified when you get it from C4U Inspections.

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