Lloyd Kenzle Says Strata Law Act to Spread Across Property Types

While the Strata Act only covers strata complexes, condominiums and other communal housing arrangements, regulations governing all condo complexes and strata-type properties across BC -- with a few exceptions -- are probably have an impact on many other areas of the economy and industry. Particularly, in how new regulations are designed and then deployed.


CHIEF INSPECTOR of C4U Inspections:

Saturday 6, September 2014

“The impact of the relatively new Strata Law Act and the way implementation has been introduced, will become the standard model for law creation, law introduction, property and economic management driven by market forces instead the traditional and the cumbersome method of policing that is being applied to other areas of industry, the construction industry, especially the home construction industry, which, in this new light is a massive failure.

Lloyd Kenzle predicts the BC Strata Law has already started the biggest snowball effect, spreading into all areas of British Columbia’s economy and giving rise to a whole new way regulations will be designed and implemented by politicians, governors, bureaucrats, and regulators in the near future, and that includes to cover all industries. Obviously these kind of regulations will start in other property related industry sectors very soon.

The change is nothing short of a quantum leap in intelligent planning, lower cost maintenance planning, ongoing reduction of building costs, value adding and maintaining properties to minimal standards while dumping the costly, aggressive, ineffective, inaccurate, slow moving, often corrupted and certainly corruptible nature of traditional regulations and they way they are policed, and often abritrarily enforced. This shift to market influences driving self regulation gives incentive to the strata organisation to embrace the opportunity and greatly improve their own living standards while adding additional wealth to the value of the complex as a whole and their invididual properties.

That is a pretty big prediction, but you can expect many more of these Strata Law regulations to be created for many other construction industry sectors, if not all of them, and then even more as the policy makers and the market become more accustomed to the differences between what may appear very similar construction eco-economies.

The BC Strata Law has been introduced with policy makers keeping their hands pretty well off the program. Three years later, and this is still the case as the influence and importance of the BC Strata Law increases and its influence continues to multiply. One has to give the decision makers of these regulations a considerable amount of respect in the way which they have designed the laws governing strata complexes.

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