DIY Home Maintenance Tips for Winter 2014

Winter has one of the largest DIY home maintenance lists for the whole year.

Here are our most current home maintenance recommendations at C4U Home Maintenance and Inspections. These recommendations are listed in order of priority and importance.

Clean your gutters

Your gutters are most likely to get junk and gunk during the fall months. Now is the best time to clean them. You should do this every 3 months because your guttering will last for years.

Check any irrigation lines on your property

With the colder mornings already setting in, it is time to get any residual water out of your hoses or irrigation lines on your property. The water can freeze, expand and cause damage.

Install heat pipes where needed in your crawl space

Plumbing pipes in your crawlspace can be damaged by frozen water. Add a heat tape are like an electric blankets for your pipes – in cable form also add insulation on these pipes.

Service your gas fireplace

This is not one you can do yourself. You will save money in the long run because it will run more efficiently.

Service your HVAC

Any furnace will increase output and reduce the cost of using it after a professional maintenance inspection. It’s worth doing this once a year. Change your filters yourself every three months of use.

Service your hot water tank

When you get your furnace and fireplace serviced also get them to service your hot water tank.

Inspect your roof

You can do this from inside your attic or ceiling cavity first. Look for signs of light shining through. Inspect your roof from a distance with binoculars before risking getting up there. Use a ladder to inspect from the edge of your roof and look in the most common areas of wear – such as near exhaust pipes and valleys.

Check your attic insulation

This can be done as you start inspecting your roof. Make sure you have more than 40cm of insulation and check for gaps.

Flush your drainage lines

Moisture damage to your home and foundation from moisture ingress (penetration of moisture) is not covered by most home insurance. Ask Lloyd if you need help with this one because a professional company will need to hydro-jet flush your drainage lines.

Think about frost-free hose bibs

If you don't have frost-free hose bibs you need to act fast. Shut off isolation valves to outdoor hose bibs and drain the water out before it causes damage to your plumbing system. Store them indoors.

Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Everyone knows they need to check their smoke detectors regularly. It’s more about making sure you have good batteries installed. However, if you are burning fuel for heating, it’s a great idea to install carbon monoxide detectors. High levels of carbon monoxide will make you feel sleepy, then sluggish, and if high enough, even kill you.

Clean your heating ducts

Cleaning heating ductwork is one of the easiest ways to lower your fuel bills and enjoy cleaner heated air.

Check windows and doors for air leaks

Everyone should know this one by now. Fill those leaks with something cheap from your local hardware store. You will save a lot on your heating bills.

You can talk with Lloyd if you are looking for more information. There's no obligation and he is more than happy to give his advice.

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