Easy Tips to Fixing and Maintaining Guttering at Lower Cost

Fixing guttering problems is not as expensive as it once used to be. You only need to replace and work with areas that need work. This article looks at some of the common ways we can use to repair our guttering at lower costs.

Those who do DIY home maintenance inspections will be able to handle this kind of work.

Tools for the job.

Cordless drill makes for easy work of drilling holes and tapping screws.

Common problems and fixes.

Loose gutters.

Modern fascia hanger brackets replace spikes and ferrules. They are easy to install. Look for the type with built in screws.

Leaking behind the gutter.

This comes from a problem when the gutter was installed. Flashing needs to be placed over the back of the gutter. A gutter apron will stop any dripping behind the gutter.

Noisy down pipes.

Dripping noises in your down pipes driving you made? There is an easy way to fix this — tie a rope and run it down your down pipe.

Broken seamless gutter repairs.

So a tree has fallen and broken your gutter. You don’t need to replace the whole thing. You can use another piece of guttering and put it in place with a slip joint — just another piece of guttering with the same profile that will slip right over.

Water spilling over the gutter.

I high water traffic areas, such as corners, you might find water is spilling over the edge of your guttering. Simply extend the height of guttering with a small piece of material in the high traffic zone.

Leaking gutter joints.

Do this job when your guttering is dry, and make sure you clean each join with a wire brush before you apply seam sealer. Look for a seam sealant that is waterproof and can withstand a lot of sunlight. Keep that sealant warm if you are working on a cold day.

Gutters overflowing with heavy rains.

Fix this by adding an extra downpipes or increasing the size of your existing down pipe. Again an easy job for any DIY. For a larger down pipe, all you need to do is increase the size of the hole leading to the down pipe and add the larger drop-out and piping.

Gutter and downpipe cleaning.

A plastic spatula makes light work of gutter cleaning without causing any damage to your gutters. A plumbers snake makes light work of cleaning out blocked downpipes.

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