4 Questions You Should Definitely Ask your Home Inspector

So you’ve found a house that’s checked off almost, if not every, item on your “must have” list. Congratulations… but, not so fast! Have you had your house inspection yet? To avoid potentially detrimental and expensive issues that aren’t worth it, an inspection is an absolute must. Avoid real estate investment regret… ask your home inspector these 4 questions before signing any paperwork:

What Would You Do?

Your home inspector is a person, just like you! And that probably means they’ve invested in property exactly as you’re doing right now. So, of course they have opinions of their own! If you’ve stumbled across sketchy inspection issues like a damaged roof or old appliances, ask what they would do if put in your situation. This way, you’ll get real life advice from someone who has seen it all while also putting themselves in your shoes!

Is this a Health & Safety Hazard?

Issues that arise during property inspections can often be efficiently fixed by the current owner. However, it’s important for you to understand whether or not the fault is a health & safety hazard that will only cause further issues for you in the future. Problems like mold or asbestos are serious and could lead to more damaging occurrences. Health & safety hazards may force you to pose the question, “is buying this house even worth it?” In cases like these, it’s best to just ask.

Can you Show Me?

It can be easy for the inspector to send you off with a list of red flags like HVAC damage or insulation issues only to leave you completely puzzled with what you’re reading. As you and the inspector are heading through the house, ask them to show you where the problems are located so that way you have a better idea of what the inspection documents mean when reviewing it on your own time.

What Should I Pay Extra Attention to?

As stated earlier, high-risk inspection issues include asbestos and mold and should never be taken lightly. If your property review revealed these major red-flags, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to re-consider your house purchase but it’s certainly worth asking some hard-hitting questions you should definitely take seriously. For example, if the inspector found asbestos, ask if removing it immediately is necessary or if leaving it untouched would be fine? If mold has been found, cleaning it and ensuring proper ventilation can often be an efficient fix. If mold or asbestos was discovered and you’re still considering purchasing the property, try using your findings as a negotiation tactic to lower the real estate cost.

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