Landscaping Choices Can Damage Foundations

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Majestic landscaping often draws homeowners to a property. Elegant trees, perennial flowers and shrubs you can count on are aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to the health and well-being of your foundation however, there are numerous things to consider. C4U Inspections in Kelowna can help you determine if your favourite weeping willow tree is planted too close to your main water line or septic field and inspect sloping areas to ensure adequate drainage.

Spring Has Sprung!

Root systems are the complex vascular network involved with every plant and tree. Surface roots can become severe tripping hazards if they are not properly covered and maintained. Deep root systems can actually crack your concrete foundation in search of water or become wrapped around your drainage pipe systems. If you are considering purchasing an older home or property with established landscaping, it is important to hire a home inspection company such as C4U Inspections that will closely inspect your exterior as these factors directly influence your interior space.

Symptoms of a Cracked Foundation

Annually inspecting your foundation each Spring is a great habit to get into. Look for any gaps, cracks, signs of settling, holes or bug infestations along your dirt line and up your exterior walls. Be sure to check your interior crawl space, under the stairs and every room in the basement for excessive moisture. Seepage may occur via windows or the floor so be sure to have a close look. Be aware of any damp or musty smells as this may be an indication of a water breach somewhere.

Perimeter Gardens May Be Too Close for Comfort

Planting some lovely plants along the side of your home or driveway is a popular thing to do. Your house needs to breathe in order to maintain a dry climate. If you have installed irrigation in your garden areas, inspect the spray distance while they are turned on to ensure no overspray is hitting your siding or flooding your garden beds. Water takes the path of least resistance; therefore, any slopes or low-lying areas near your home may become an issue. Consider installing drip line irrigation and planting Xeriscape or low water friendly plants along your perimeter to minimize water close to your foundation.

Overhanging Branches Can Clog Your Gutters

Root systems are not your only nemesis...overhanging branches and deciduous leaves can wreak havoc on your foundation if debris is left to clog gutters, causing them to overflow. If your gutters are unable to carry water away from your home, it will simply drain alongside your foundation. Over time, water damage may occur if there are any cracks in your foundation or if your aged roof is in need of repair or replacement.

Plant Wisely

Nursery grown trees and shrubs have a tag that provides the estimated height and spread of the plant. Remember that root systems can delve approximately 3 times deeper than your longest branches! If you don’t have your house plans or are unsure where your septic field lies on your property, contact the city and they will possibly have your blueprints on file. If in doubt, ask a professional landscaper or nursery staff and they can help you make an informed choice. Some landscaping companies even conduct home consultations and can identify plants or make recommendations depending on your light, privacy, water and budget considerations.

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We proudly serve the Okanagan Valley and are happy to make our next house call yours! Regardless if you reside in a condo or semi-detached dwelling, our team can offer you the landscaping insight you are seeking. Spring is the best season to transplant problematic shrubs and trees. Relocating troublesome items farther away from your house can still add curb appeal and enhance shade. Protect your foundation now to ensure years of enjoyment at your residential or commercial property. Transplanting something now may save you from expensive repairs in the future. We look forward to meeting with you at your convenience.

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