Okanagan Flooding: Post Flood Mold Inspections

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As people assess the damage of recent Okanagan flooding, mold inspections are understandably on the minds of many homeowners. It is simply amazing how much damage a few inches of water (let alone feet of water) can do to a home or business. Longstanding moisture provides the ideal damp breeding ground for the most vicious mold spores. C4U Inspections in Kelowna can book your residential or commercial air quality and structural testing today.

Lakeview Properties and Waterfront Floodplain

The recent record-breaking levels experienced by Okanagan Lake caused a significant amount of water damage to low-lying properties. Groundwater immersion left numerous residents pumping out their basements and for days or weeks in certain locations. If you were close enough to the action that sump pumps and emergency drainage had to be arranged at your home, business or lakeside cottage, now is the time to have the situation professionally assessed. C4U Inspections relies on the latest equipment including moisture meters and air quality testing apparatus to review the status of your air quality and determine what your mold spore index is. Similarly, if you are considering renting or purchasing an affected building, we highly recommend undergoing a thorough mold inspection to see exactly what you are dealing with prior to moving yourself and your belongings inside.

Respiratory and Skin Nightmare

Most people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. If you are continually ingesting microscopic spores into your system, their dangerous side effects may become problematic. Signs to watch for in humans and animals include:

Mold Isn’t Always Visible to Be Present

Often seen in a variety of hues ranging from brown, blue, orange, white, green and black, mold can be dangerous even when you can’t see it. C4U Inspections can provide you with a complete report to determine exactly how good your interior air quality is. Anyone who visibly sees signs of mold is encouraged to book a mold inspection asap. It is vital to your health and your pocket book to know ahead of time if you can successfully remediate the situation or not. This inspection is priceless in terms of protecting you and your family’s health and well-being and can save thousands if you are considering purchasing a property that has a history of water damage.

Mold Inspections are Recommended For:

If your property has ever experienced water damage, has a musty smell or you visibly notice mold re-growth, an inspection is essential to help you determine the extent of the damage. If you see signs of water staining or experienced the recent flood, it is imperative to see how well things are drying out and which materials must be replaced. Those considering undergoing renovations will benefit to have a report on record before commencing demolition. Many clients actually feel the symptoms of the mold exposure prior to seeing it. If you have been unable to shake certain respiratory symptoms and feel extra lethargic, a mold inspection can provide you with some peace of mind. Call C4U Inspections today to book your Okanagan mold assessment today.

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