BC Wildfires: Inspecting Your Home For Smoke Damage

Where There's Fire, There's Smoke Damage

What an unprecedented summer fire season we have had...yikes! It seems like every day there has been new fires to contend with, travel plans changed due to evacuations and highway closures, not to mention the awful air quality as a result. C4U Inspections is your Okanagan source for assessing smoke damage. The heavy, sooty, campfire smell can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Couches, carpets, curtains, clothing...everything can become affected even if the fire was not actually in your home specifically. Sometimes, simply being in the vicinity of an apartment fire, forest fire or house fire is enough to cause irreparable damage.

Ugh...The Smell!

Once fire smoke has penetrated, it can be close to impossible (and oftentimes impossible) to remove. This is not ideal when you have family heirlooms, household items and furniture to consider. Many insurance claims are happening due to excessive smoke damage in our region. Anyone who has suffered a chimney fire for example can tell you that even if the fire was contained and knocked out prior to consuming the dwelling, chances are, the damage was done to their home or business and subsequent belongings.

Settling Soot

Within hours after the fire being extinguished, any exposed surface can show signs of smoke damage. Metal items can corrode and become pitted or rusty while wooden items may need to be refinished from scratch. Painted walls display a dull, yellow residue and even flooring may be up against replacement. Obtaining a professional residential or commercial inspection from C4U Inspections in Kelowna can help you document the damage and be an important part of your house insurance claim. 

Soap and Water Only Go So Far

There are only so many surfaces capable of being wiped down or washed in the aftermath of smoke damage. Porous items including clothing and soft materials are commonly damaged beyond repair. Time is definitely of the essence when it comes to remedying the situation. The longer the soot exposure, the more difficult it can be to remove. Once the smoke has become embedded, it can become permanent and difficult to restore. If you are going to try to clean anything on your own, (we highly recommend calling in a professional restoration crew), be sure to have the proper safety equipment including gloves and adequate ventilation. Those with any respiratory concerns should not attempt cleaning. Start from the ceiling and work your way down if you are attempting to remove soot residue.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Luckily, many restoration services will be covered by your house insurance minus your deductible. Simply phone your insurance provider and inquire. This can be a tremendous savings when you are up against new paint, flooring, furniture and clothes. We would love to help you assess the situation. Call C4U Inspections today to schedule your appointment.

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