Tips from a Home Inspector on Sealing Drafty Windows

Are Drafty Windows Behind Your Ridiculous Energy Bills?

The blustery wintertime is upon us once again Kelowna! Whether you are a fan of the white stuff and winter activities or not, most of us can agree that we are not a fan of exorbitant energy bills. Drafty windows can feel like they are undoing all of your proactive energy savings. C4U Inspections can assess your windows and help you determine which ones are top priorities for replacing. Stay on the lookout for any of the following:

Window Defects Can Cost You Your Health

Besides letting your precious air-conditioning escape in the summer and your cozy, heated air vacate each winter, fluctuations in dampness can lead to mold growth. Dangerous spores can take over along damaged window caulking and panes of glass that have been broken or previously painted over, commonly found in older homes. If your windows are not capable of maintaining adequate ventilation you can be inviting some nasty bacteria into your house. If any family members have been dealing with unrelenting allergy, cold or flu like symptoms, itchy eyes, a constantly runny nose, respiratory inflammation, brain fog, irritated sinuses, sleep disturbances and symptoms that never seem to get better, mold exposure may be the culprit.

Damaged Window Flashing Equals Water Damage

Many homes have improperly installed windows, along with their subsequent components. Window flashing is typically made from aluminum or galvanized steel. If it has been warped, damaged or is missing altogether, water may be seeping into your drywall. Swollen window ledges and soggy drywall or signs of black mold can indicate a longstanding issue that needs to be dealt with ASAP! C4U Inspections conducts a thorough analysis of residential, commercial and strata buildings on a daily basis and knows just which telltale signs to be aware of.  

Accurate Estimating Involves All Components

It is easy to calculate the cost of new windows when you have the dimensions and style in mind. However, unbelievably, many contractors install gorgeous new windows over top of rotten wood frames damaged from age or previous water leaks. Ensure that you are receiving an accurate quote when you decide to upgrade. If possible, be home during the installation process to ensure that the utmost care is being taken from start to finish. Only choose a reputable contractor who is experienced in window replacement. Always keep small children away from windows and their cords. New windows offer much easier access, tilting capabilities for better cleaning and a variety of coatings and finishes. Shop around to secure the best window options for your home and choose a style that complements your property. New windows are excellent for your energy savings and future resale. Call C4U Inspections in Kelowna today to determine where your drafts are originating from and how to maintain a cozy vibe this winter.

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