Best Maintenance Tips From A Home Inspector

There are many daily, weekly, monthly and annual home maintenance tips that can prolong the life and wellbeing of your abode. C4U Inspections in Kelowna witnesses a variety of best and worst case scenarios on a regular basis. We want our clients to enjoy the utmost safety and security in their residential and commercial properties. Overlooking basic maintenance can lead to potential fire damage or open the door to a host of other issues.

Bathrooms, Sinks & Drains

Check your shower and sink drains and clean them out regularly. Be sure to wash or replace your shower curtain liner. It can be shocking how much hair and cosmetics can clog your system. Shut your water off prior to taking your sinks apart. Place a bucket underneath and remove the trap to pull out the gunk. Once you have removed the debris, put the sink back together and prepare to disinfect it. Boil two quarts of water and set aside. Combine one cup of salt and one cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into the drain and wait 30 seconds. Next, pour the boiling water down the sink. Avoid using the sink for a few hours afterwards if possible to let the disinfecting solution work its’ magic. Even though you cannot take the shower apart the same way, you can pour the same concoction down. This is also valuable to do periodically with your garbage disposal. Run water and flush toilets for any sinks or drains that are not used frequently.

Laundry Room & Utilities

Are you cleaning out your dryer vent lint with every load? Teach your kids that this vital step needs to be completed prior to turning on a fresh load to reduce your chances of a fire hazard. Those with gas dryer’s need to ensure the exhaust vent leading outside remains free from snow in order to prevent dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ensure you are checking your water softener regularly and refill with salt when required. Check the replacement date for your water furnace and water heater to remain proactive. Budgeting ahead of time for replacement can help you avoid using outdated appliances. Replace your furnace or HVAC filters as needed to prevent dust and debris from circulating through your air. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers contain filters that require cleaning or replacement as well.

Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Check to see if every alarm is working correctly on each floor. Batteries typically need to be changed on an annual basis. Most smoke detectors have a ten-year lifespan. Check all expiry dates to ensure you remain on schedule.

Exterior Checkups

How is your garage door faring these days? During the winter is it important to ensure ice is not preventing your garage doors from closing correctly. Inspect all of your gutters and downspouts to make sure that they are not being damaged or weighed down by icicles or ice. Inspect all unfinished areas in the basement and attic for leaks near the roof and foundation.

Interior Maintenance Tips

Keep the air and heating vents in each room clean by dusting them regularly to ensure optimum air exchange. Clean your oven with the self clean feature or good old fashioned elbow grease to prevent a build up that could lead to a fire. Ensure all of your flashlights and lanterns are working with fresh batteries. Use WD-40 on drawers and cabinets to prevent wear and tear. Lastly, keep all trashcans disinfected, especially during the germy time of year!

A Little Home Maintenance Goes A Long Way!

While many of these items seem basic, the truth is, chaos can ensue if you allow bacteria to build up, water damage to occur or fire hazards to go unchecked. Practicing great maintenance and making it part of your routine can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs. C4U Inspections proudly serves the entire Okanagan Valley. Call us today to schedule your home, office or strata inspection and sleep more soundly at night!

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