Air Quality Testing for Home Inspections

Indoor air quality is something many of us take for granted within our residential and commercial space. Often, it isn’t until reoccurring respiratory issues or health concerns arise that people begin to question how healthy their internal air is. C4U Inspections in Kelowna is happy to address any questions or concerns and offer affordable solutions. Book your strata, residential or commercial air quality testing today to determine which triggers, microbes or spores may be wreaking havoc on your system. Specific components in the air at schools, offices and homes may be responsible for making people feel ill.

Common symptoms of poor air quality include: headaches, fatigue, cold and flu like symptoms, sore throat, nausea, muscle aches and constant allergies. The elderly and the young are typically the most affected. Certain VOCs have been linked to causing cancer and damaging the liver and kidneys. Identifying and removing these items is essential.

Chemical Compounds

Older homes and buildings may be suspect to VOC (volatile organic compounds), commonly found in older paint formulations, lead based paints, varnishes, lacquers, wood or plastic composites. A variety of glues used throughout the building may release harmful chemicals into the air as they break down and disintegrate. Once the cause of the concern is determined, it can be much easier to pinpoint the source and make plans to amend the situation. Sometimes, stripping down cabinets or re-facing certain wood components or replacing items such as dilapidated carpet can drastically improve your breathing space. Pesticides in close proximity to the building and even common air fresheners can significantly increase chemical exposure.

Working Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Maintaining a safe atmosphere is essential for family and coworkers alike. Every home and office ideally should have a system for ensuring the carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms are running in excellent order. Checking batteries every six months to one year is vital. Most smoke alarms require replacement every ten years. Be sure to check the dates on your devices in order to stay up to date with your health and safety. Smoke damage is famous for lingering and can dramatically affect your interior air quality way after the fire has been extinguished. Children and family members with Asthma or upper respiratory issues are the most affected by second hand smoke. Ensure everyone in your building is safe from fire by keeping your alarms safe and up to date.


Mold is a huge issue that is often remains undetected for far too long. Properties with a history of being a “Grow-Op” or places that have suffered leaky roofs, windows or ground water flooding all need extra special attention. Invisible mold spores can be detected with our specialized indoor air testing equipment to help you discover if the amount of mold within your air is above the safety limits. Ideally, a professional restoration crew with adequate personal safety equipment and masks, proper ventilation, drying fans and the right tools should handle mold remediation. Damaged materials need to be safely taken off site to ensure the spores do not settle elsewhere. Be on the lookout for blue, orange, pink, brown, green or black residue along window tracks, rooflines, patio doors, bathrooms and anywhere else prone to moisture.

Radon Testing

Radon is a colourless, tasteless, odourless, radioactive noble gas that is found in the soil. It is considered to be a major health concern and is the second cause of lung cancer after smoking. Buildings with cracked foundations may be suspect to dangerous infiltrations. If your building is has a foundation within the soil (as most do) it is wise to have comprehensive testing done for the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

C4U Inspections Provides a Valuable, Comprehensive Report

We understand there are many components to consider for your indoor air quality testing and any inspection in general. Feel secure knowing that our findings will be communicated efficiently in a comprehensive report for your records. This is a wonderful way to determine which items are at the top of your priority list and which ones can wait. Book your indoor air testing with us today!

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