Kelowna Home Inspections: Ensure Your Rental Suite Is Up To Code

Being a responsible landlord truly pays off. Having a valid status of your property ahead of renting can save you time and money. Determining which renovations take priority ahead of opening your doors to renters can save you future headaches. Your favourite Kelowna home inspector, C4U Inspections offers the details you need to determine how safe and livable your property is. After all, the better the condition, the more potential income you can earn. Happy renters will be more likely to become long-term renters. If folks are dealing with mold, icy walkways and ice dams along the roof, they might not prefer to stay very long. Sadly, many landlords decide to skip the home inspection step and only find out about issues such as water damage once dangerous black mold has been detected. Keep your family, friends, and renters safe by getting a home inspection for your rental suite!

Kelowna Home Inspectors & BC Building Code

The BC Building Code falls under provincial regulation for building alterations and brand new construction. Minimum safety standards for health, fire, plumbing, accessibility and more are contained within the code, including water and energy efficiency. Rules regarding facility protection from sewer and water damage are also part of our provincial code. Unless you live in the City of Vancouver or within Federal lands, this code applies to your rental space. The Building Code may have changed since your older home was constructed. C4U Inspections in Kelowna can help you determine if your rental is ready to receive guests or if you need to invest in “getting things up to code,” first.

Kelowna Home Inspections For Safety & Liability

Older homes built prior to 1990, may be subject to asbestos. Key locations include insulation within ceilings, walls and even around certain hot water heating systems. Felt roof and shingles, around pipes for insulation, within exterior siding, plaster and vinyl floor and ceiling tiles are some of the key locations where this nasty, carcinogenic material may be found. It is essential to safely remove and repair the damage prior to allowing people and pets be on the premises. Of course, C4U Inspections completes a comprehensive report detailing every aspect from your roof components through to the basement and every avenue in between. Kelowna home inspectors can help you determine the health and safety of your building including:

Contact Your Kelowna Home Inspector Today!

C4U Inspections would love to help you get your rental inspected so that you can start earning a profit ASAP. It is vital to have a detailed report of the condition of your building prior to renters coming in for a variety of reasons. Having the current status documented enables everyone to obtain a clear picture of current damage and issues. Communicate with your renters and let them know of the upcoming inspection if they are already moved in. We invite you to be present during your Kelowna home inspection to ask any questions and discuss any concerns. C4U Inspections proudly serves the Okanagan Valley. Call us first for all of your residential, commercial, industrial and strata home inspections. Keeping our clients safe and happy is something we are passionate about! We look forward to meeting and helping you discover if your property is currently up to code.  Contact us today for more information.

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