Identifying Asbestos Flooring


You have most likely heard that asbestos is highly toxic and dangerous. It was a common building material utilized for adding strength and heat resistance to various items. When disturbed, toxic dust becomes airborne which can be disastrous and eventually lethal to those who are exposed. The industry tried to keep the risks under wraps; however, rates of lung disease and mesothelioma were dramatically on the rise. By the 1970s, asbestos became banned in countries all over the world.

So what happens when you buy an older property? Homes and buildings built only a few decades ago often relied on this mineral before health concerns were identified. C4U Inspections in Kelowna can help you enjoy peace of mind with a residential, commercial or institutional inspection. Rest assured, if you have any asbestos issues, we can help you pinpoint the location and provide remediation information. Common places asbestos may be found include:

What Does Asbestos Flooring Look Like?

Understanding what you are looking for can help you tremendously. Be particularly wary of vinyl floor tiles installed between 1952 and 1986, with fuzzy, white, strands. We recommend protecting yourself when you are investigating to prevent exposure issues. Having some PPE or personal protective equipment such as a respiratory mask, gloves and safety glasses can prevent one from inhaling this toxic substance. Protecting your skin and your mucous membranes is vital to ensure you are safe and secure. Alternatively, if you think you might have asbestos due to the age and condition of your building, feel free to call us first and leave the investigating to us! It is always best to leave all things asbestos to the professionals. We proudly serve Kelowna and the entire Okanagan valley.

How Do You Identify Asbestos?

Asbestos has some distinct features to note. Key suspects include its fibrous nature, allowing fibers to be pulled apart similar to wool. These fibers can release toxic dust during demolition and removal. DIY renovators need to be cautious and know what to look for to minimize exposure. Book your asbestos inspection with us to get the facts. Never hesitate to call your Kelowna home inspector and bring us all of your home inspection questions and concerns.


How Do I Know If I Have Asbestos Floor Tiles

Knowing the year your building was constructed can be a great indicator that you are dealing with potential asbestos flooring tiles. If tiles were installed prior to 1990, you may be dealing with asbestos. Sometimes, you will be removing old flooring tiles and see additional tiles underneath. In many instances, contractors or homeowners may have previously sealed in their asbestos tiles with other tiles installed over top of them. This can be a very unwelcome surprise during renovations and flooring replacement. However, it is essential to deal with this situation properly and call on professionals to remove this substance safely from your home.  Preventing personal contamination, future problems and potential health concerns are of utmost importance.

Are Old Asbestos Floor Tiles Dangerous?

In the event your renos do unleash some unwelcome old asbestos flooring, stop immediately and leave the room. Seal it off from family and pets and call a restoration team to intervene. Inhaling the minute particles can lead to lung disease and severe health concerns. These tiny fibers can become trapped inside of your body and  The important thing is that you have discovered it and can accurately deal with it. Whether you are flipping a house for resale or building your dream home via renovations, safe disposal is essential for everyone’s wellbeing.

Safe Removal Tips for Asbestos Flooring

Proper removal and disposal are essential for your asbestos situation. Trying to save money and DIY-ing this part of your renovation is simply not worth it. Accidentally inhaling any dangerous fibres during the process of upgrading your insulation or flooring tiles can have catastrophic health effects. Be smart and be prepared to call in a professional team if you discover any.

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