Fall Home Maintenance: Home Inspections Stop Rodent & Bug Invasions

The Autumn Season Can Bring Unexpected Guests

Autumn is such a beautiful season here in the Okanagan Valley! It brings changing colours in our forests and cooler weather to enjoy those last few hikes before the snow comes. It's a busy time, as well! Fall maintenance means cleaning those gutters, gathering firewood, raking leaves and preparing your property for the coming winter.

As wonderful as it is, Autumn can bring some unwanted visitors into your home or commercial property, as well.

With an almost endless amount of indoor and outdoor fall maintenance tasks, it can be easy to neglect where rodents and bugs are gaining access to your property. While woodland lovers may argue that they enjoy having squirrels and chipmunks hopping and thumping along their roofline, the reality is, creatures carry bacteria and diseases you don’t want near your home or family. Common giveaway signals of rodent and bug infestations include:

Finding out you have a bat, rodent or bug infestation can literally make your stomach turn. Imagining where these little guys have been running amok when you are not home can be disturbing. Finding evidence where you prepare meals, where you store the pet food or near the toaster can be alarming. Simply setting poison or traps on your own, without fixing the breach, will not be a long-term solution. Vermin and bugs can cause excessive damage to your roof, walls, foundation and even landscaping when left untreated. Ensuring your building condition assessment standards are up to par is vital for your family and your employee’s health and well-being.


Spiders, Rats & Bats….Oh My!

There are many local species that want to seek shelter in your cozy abode. Animals and bugs understand seasonal changes and know how to listen to nature better than most humans. They know what is in store and are seeking to find a special place to store food and reproduce. Many of the aerosol sprays and over the counter products are toxic and need to be used in a well-ventilated way. Band-Aid fixes on rodent and bug infestations never work and these situations are better handled with professional extermination for lasting results.

Fixing Entry & Attraction

Knowing your problem areas will give you the information you need to make an informed choice of repairing the pest issue and removing the temptation. Perhaps, new food storage solutions with updated packaging or recycled glass jars will help. Maybe, there are cracks in your building’s foundation that are maintaining a moist, beckoning environment. Sometimes, a single storm can cause enough damage to our roof components that an entry point is created. If you had bees, birds, spiders, ants and chipmunks all summer, you need to prepare for other visitors.


DIY at Home Fixes

If you've identified places in your home where potential critters (such as mice & rodents) might infiltrate, place dryer sheets or Irish spring soap around those areas. They hate the smell and it deters them![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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