Is Your Home or Office Making You Sick?

Cold weather is upon us, meaning it is that usual time of year for sniffles, sneezing, flus and colds. However, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it even more important to pay attention to our health and the health of our family members. Many of us assume that we are dealing with allergies, or issues due to the latest cold and flu when we get red, watery eyes, a fever or a number of other common symptoms related to seasonal changes but they can be the result of deeper problems within your home.

C4U Inspections in Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton, can help you get to the root of the issue with a professional mold and asbestos inspection. Older residential and commercial buildings may have been built with asbestos because this was a common material to use back in the day. Water damage is the main cause of mold spores developing and taking hold. For instance, older windows and roofs that have deteriorated over time but haven't been replaced can be causing mold problems. Our experienced C4U Inspections team knows the signs and symptoms to look for to help you feel safe and secure.

Do Your Windows Open?

Many office buildings and even some types of residential windows do not open at all. This can wreak havoc in terms of helping you maintain a healthy and happy interior air circulation. If you do have the capacity to open your windows, try to encourage your building to breathe and exchange airflow on a daily basis if possible. Many people open their windows for a few minutes every day, even during the winter months to help air out accumulated moisture and stale air. If you are up against replacing windows soon, consider installing new efficient ones that have the ability to open and close on a regular basis. If you suspect your building is making you sick, it is definitely not something to ignore. 


Don’t Ignore These Health Symptoms

It is often a huge red flag if more than one family member or employee is suffering from the same symptoms. Mold and asbestos inhalation and exposure can drastically affect your overall health and wellbeing. Common mold exposure symptoms to pay attention to include:

When these symptoms do not heal up or disappear and always seem to be active when you are in a particular building (at work or at home), it is time to investigate further. C4U Inspections can conduct an air quality analysis to determine the ratio of mold spores present within your interior to find out if you are within a safe range or if you have an issue that needs to be immediately addressed.

Do You See Any Visible Signs Of Mold?

Do you know the history of your home or commercial workplace building? Did the roof previously leak or are the seals around the window blown? Has it passed a proper home inspection? You should be vigilant for signs of mold in new and old buildings. Look for any accumulations of black, blue, orange, green, yellow, tan, or brown fuzziness, spots or build up in common moisture prone locations, such as around bathroom windows, refrigerator, tub surrounds, doorway corners etc. Check your roof for any water spots or patches on the drywall from any previous water damage.

Professional Asbestos Removal

Call C4U Inspections today to schedule your mold or asbestos inspection. We proudly serve the entire Okanagan Valley. Our team will be happy to meet you at your residential, commercial or strata building to help you determine the overall health of your building. If asbestos or mold is discovered, we have professional and affordable recommendations to help you address the issue. It is vital to rely on highly trained removal specialists to ensure proper equipment is used to facilitate safe removal. Do not try to take out damaged drywall, flooring, ceiling tiles or wood studs on your own without a proper respirator and adequate ventilation. We can provide you with all of the details you require to get you feeling your best once again.

If you suspect your congestion may be related to mold or asbestos exposure, don’t delay and call C4U Inspections in Kelowna today!

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