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Lloyd Kenzle Says Strata Law Act to Spread Across Property Types

While the Strata Act only covers strata complexes, condominiums and other communal housing arrangements, regulations governing all condo complexes and strata-type properties across BC -- with a few exceptions -- are probably have an impact on many other areas of the economy and industry. Particularly, in how new regulations are designed and then deployed. A…

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The Importance of Contingency Reserve Funds

New legislation requiring all strata councils to prepare reserve fund reports by licensed reserve fund analysts is well in effect. What are reserve fund reports? Reserve fund reports, also known as contingency fund reports, are the 30 year reports planning the maintenance and renewal costs for a strata complex. What are the reserve fund reports…

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C4U Inpections Uncovers Shocking Deck Inspection Report Faults

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C4U Inspections was recently called to give a second certified inspection report by clients because they were unsatisfied with their previous inspector's report on the condition of a home's outdoor decking. Poor and dangerous deck flooring repairs (left) - Extremely dangerous Watermarks meaning leaking roof (centre) - Indicator of problems Watermarks around electricity outlets (right)…