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Ghosting: How it Can Darken Your Ceiling

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What is Brownian Motion? To understand how ghosting occurs, we must understand what causes the accumulation of particles in concentrated areas. The oldest known deposition mechanism will be described first - Brownian motion. A long dead English botanist (yes, botanist not physicist), R. Brown, noticed tiny particles behave much like molecules with respect to vibration.…

A Home Owner’s Maintenance Guide

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No one ever said that owning a house would be easy. In fact, it can actually be pretty exhausting. There’s plenty of hard work and manual labour that goes in to keeping up with property maintenance. Sometimes even knowing where to begin feels daunting. By putting in some extra elbow grease now, you’re saving yourself…

How to Safely Cut Down your Trees

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Chopping down trees is no walk in the park! If you’re a DIYer looking for guidance on safely cutting down trees, you’ve come to the right place. However, it’s important to know that if you’ve never cut one down or worse, have never even used a chainsaw, you should seek the help of someone who…