Wood Burning Fireplace Safety In Your Home


  As soon as the colder temperatures come, the smell of burning wood fills the air. Soon after, follow the first reports of chimney fires.   As home inspectors we can assure you that heating your home with wood can be safe if you take the necessary precautions. Here are a few fireplace safety tips…

Why It Benefits To Install A Carbon Monoxide Detector


  It’s a small square or round box. It’s affordable, almost invisible when you install it, terribly annoying when it goes off, and it saves lives. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many homes and businesses in our home inspector careers with either no detectors, expired ones, or detectors that just need a new battery. Carbon monoxide…

Ways to Remain Fire Safe this Holiday Season


Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la-laaaa… Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Yeah, neither can we! But something we can definitely put our focus on right now? Fire safety at Christmas. While the Christmas tree, special holiday ornaments, and festive lights all feel like magic throughout the month of December (and sometimes November……

Detecting and Preventing a Gas Leak


Owning a home comes with great responsibility. Do you know what to do if you suspect a gas leak? You should! A gas leak can be ultra-frightening because it can sometimes be difficult to detect which may lead to injury and even death. Therefore, it’s extra important to take immediate action if you suspect there…

C4U Inpections Uncovers Shocking Deck Inspection Report Faults

TagsContingency Reserve Fund, Home Maintenance, Safety

C4U Inspections was recently called to give a second certified inspection report by clients because they were unsatisfied with their previous inspector's report on the condition of a home's outdoor decking. Poor and dangerous deck flooring repairs (left) - Extremely dangerous Watermarks meaning leaking roof (centre) - Indicator of problems Watermarks around electricity outlets (right)…