Is Your Home or Office Making You Sick?


It can be easy to dismiss a runny nose, sneezing, bronchial inflammation, a persistent cough and watery eyes; especially during certain times of year. Many of us assume that we are dealing with seasonal allergies, or issues due to the latest cold and flu. However, C4U Inspections in Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton, can help you…

Okanagan Flooding: Post Flood Mold Inspections

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image credit: As people assess the damage of recent Okanagan flooding, mold inspections are understandably on the minds of many homeowners. It is simply amazing how much damage a few inches of water (let alone feet of water) can do to a home or business. Longstanding moisture provides the ideal damp breeding ground for…

The Problem With Composite Siding

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Composite siding is a building material that has recently been in the forefront of the news due to the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy in England. Commonly used in residential and commercial structures as an exterior finish, this siding is available made from numerous types of materials. Designed to protect from the elements while providing an…

Ghosting: How it Can Darken Your Ceiling

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What is Brownian Motion? To understand how ghosting occurs, we must understand what causes the accumulation of particles in concentrated areas. The oldest known deposition mechanism will be described first - Brownian motion. A long dead English botanist (yes, botanist not physicist), R. Brown, noticed tiny particles behave much like molecules with respect to vibration.…